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My name is Gordon Burcham. I'm a 5th Degree Black Belt, 3 x World kickboxing Champion and Number 1 Best Selling Author.

This course includes the complete G Force Kickboxing syllabus for juniors & adults. Designed for both students and instructors it includes every technique, drill and combination required from white to black belt.

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What's Inside The Course

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Blue Belt

    • GFM01-01 Front Punch

    • GFM01-02 Front Punch on pads

    • GFM01-03 Reverse Punch

    • GFM01-04 Front Punch Reverse Punch Combo

    • GFM01-05 Front Punch Reverse Punch Combo on pads

    • GFM01-06 Ridge Hand

    • GFM01-07 Reverse Punch and Cross on pads

    • GFM01-08 Back Fist

    • GFM01-09 Hand Technique Drill

    • GFM01-10 Blocking Techniques

    • GFM01-11 Drill Games

    • GFM01-12 Pad Drills

    • GFM01-13 Distance Game

    • GFM01-14 Rear leg front kick

    • GFM01-15 Rear leg round kick

    • GFM01-16 Rear leg side kick

    • GFM01-17 Rear leg axe kick

    • GFM01-18 Shoulder Grab - Escape

  • 3

    Yellow Belt

    • GFM02-01 Yellow Belt Intro

    • GFM02-02 Body Jab

    • GFM02-03 Front Hand Ridge Hand

    • GFM02-04 Blitz (front punch, reverse punch)

    • GFM02-05 Blitz (front punch, reverse punch) on pads

    • GFM02-06 Scissor Front Kick

    • GFM02-07 Scissor front kick on shield

    • GFM02-08 Spin Back Kick

    • GFM02-09 Spin Back Kick On Shield

    • GFM02-10 Front leg (front, side, round & axe kick)

    • GFM02-11 Combination Drills

    • GFM02-12 Elbow Strikes

    • GFM02-13 Elbow Strikes On Pads

    • GFM02-14 Palm Block

    • GFM02-15 Chest Grab

  • 4

    Orange Belt

    • GFM03-01 Intro+Explosive Reverse Punch

    • GFM03-02 Reverse Explosive Punch On Pads

    • GFM03-03 Explosive Jab

    • GFM03-04 Explosive Backfist

    • GFM03-05 Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut

    • GFM03-06 Single Covers

    • GFM03-07 Spinning Side Kick

    • GFM03-08 Spinning Side Kick on Pads

    • GFM03-09 Jump 180 front kick

    • GFM03-10 Jump 180 front kick on pads

    • GFM03-11 Flying Side Kick

    • GFM03-12 Shuffle Side Kick

    • GFM03-13 Shuffle Side Kick on Pads

    • GFM03-14 Combinations

    • GFM03-15 4 direction movement

    • GFM03-16 4 direction movement on pads

    • GFM03-17 Side step reverse punch

    • GFM03-18 Butterfly (inside and outside)

  • 5

    Green Belt

    • GFM04-01 Jump Spin Back Fist

    • GFM04-02 Body Jab, Rolling Back Fist, Reverse Punch

    • GFM04-03 Body Jab, Rolling Back Fist, Reverse Punch on pads

    • GFM04-04 Jumping Reverse Punch

    • GFM04-05 Jumping Reverse Punch on pads

    • GFM04-06 Jab, Uppercut, Cross

    • GFM04-07 Jab, Hook, Cross

    • GFM04-08 Jab, Cross, Slip, Jab, Cross, Bob Weave, Jab, Cross, Single

    • GFM04-09 Jump Scissor Round Kick

    • GFM04-10 Jump Scissor Round Kick on pads

    • GFM04-11 Jump Scissor Front Kick, Jump Spin Back Kick (both sides)

    • GFM04-12 Spin Hook Kick

    • GFM04-13 Spin Hook Kick on pads

    • GFM04-14 Lead Hand Downward Palm Block, Rear Hand

    • GFM04-15 Lead Hand Downward Palm Block, Rear Hand Sparring

    • GFM04-16 Clinch Grab, Leg Takedown

  • 6

    Purple White Belt

    • GFM05-01 Jump Defensive Ridge Hand

    • GFM05-02 Jump Defensive Back Fist

    • GFM05-03 Jump Defensive Reverse Punch

    • GFM05-04 Hand techniques on pads

    • GFM05-05 Hand techniques combinations

    • GFM05-06 Cross, Lead Uppercut, Cross

    • GFM05-07 Explosive Lead Hook

    • GFM05-08 Cross, Uppercut, Cross (same hand) Hook, Cross

    • GFM05-09 Step Over Spin Hook Kick

    • GFM05-10 Step Over Spin Hook Kick on pads

    • GFM05-11 Lead Leg Hook Kick - Round Kick Combo

    • GFM05-12 Defensive Side Kick

    • GFM05-13 Defensive Side Kick on pads

    • GFM05-14 Jump Scissor Side Kick

    • GFM05-15 Jump Scissor Side Kick on shield

    • GFM05-16 Triangle Footwork

    • GFM05-17 Spin Block Back Kick

    • GFM05-18 Rear Arm Attack, Outside Butterfly, pull then Neck Grab

  • 7

    Purple Belt

    • GFM06 -01 Jump Inward Elbow Strike

    • GFM06 -02 Jump Inward Elbow Strike on pads

    • GFM06 -03 Reverse Punch, Step Through Back Fist (same hand), Reverse Punch

    • GFM06 -04 Reverse Punch, Step Through Back Fist (same hand), Reverse Punch on pads

    • GFM06 -05 Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut (same hand), Overhand Cross

    • GFM06 -06 Body Hook, Head Hook, both side

    • GFM06 -07 Jab, Body Hook, Uppercut, Elbow

    • GFM06-08 360º Jump Round Kick

    • GFM06-09 360º Jump Round Kick on pads

    • GFM06-10 Rear Leg Hook Kick

    • GFM06-11 Defensive Jump Side Kick

    • GFM06-12 Jump Defensive Scissor Front Kick

    • GFM06-13 Defensive Kicks on pads

    • GFM06-14 Stance change, Side Kick

    • GFM06-15 Rear Single Cover, Rear Hook Kick

    • GFM06-16 Combinations

    • GFM06-17 Mount Drill Escape (grappling)

  • 8

    Brown Belt

    • GFM07-01 Jump Downward Elbow Strike

    • GFM07-02 Step Through Elbow Combination

    • GFM07-03 Full flow of boxing on pads

    • GFM07-04 360º Jump Back Kick

    • GFM07-05 Jump Lead Leg Hook

    • GFM07-06 Step Through Defensive Hook Kick

    • GFM07-07 Defensive Lead Leg Side Kick,

    • GFM07-08-Jump Spin Hook Kick

    • GFM07-09 Jag Step Drill

    • GFM07-10 Stance Change

  • 9

    Red Belt

    • GFM08-01 Front Punch, Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand, Round Kicks, Back Fist, Spin Hook Kick

    • GFM08-02 Round Kick, 360º Jump Round Kick, Jump Spin Back Kick, Reverse Punch

    • GFM08-03 Reverse Punch, Front Reverse

    • GFM08-04 Back Leg Power Round Kick, 360º Jump Spin Hook Kick, Back Leg Front Kick, Cross

    • GFM08-05 Double Jab Cross, Lead Hook, Rear Knee Strike, Takedown

    • GFM08-06 Jab Cross, Bob Weave x2, Back Leg Round Kick x3, Back Leg Front Kick,

    • GFM08-07 Spin Axe Hook Kick

    • GFM08-08 Jump Shuttle Kicks x3

    • GFM08-09 Jump Defensive Step Through Back Kick

    • GFM08-10 Stick Drills X Drill

    • GFM08-11 Stick Drills Horizontal Drill

    • GFM08-12 Forward Twirling, Back Hand Twirling

    • GFM08-13 X Block, Palm Down,

  • 10

    Red Black Belt

    • GFM09-01 Lead Leg Round Kick, Front Leg Sweep, Reverse Punch

    • GFM09-02 Jab, Cross, Rear Body Hook, Rear Leg Sweep

    • GFM09-03 Front Reverse Punch, Ridge Hand, Step Across, Lead Leg Sweep,

    • GFM09-04 Cross, Rear Elbow, Rear Knee, Scoop around then finish with cross

    • GFM09-05 360º Jump Spin Hook Kick, Back Leg Round Kick, Jump Spin Hook Kick, Spin Hook Kick, Round Kick

    • GFM09-06 Stick Drills 12 Angles

    • GFM09-07 Stick Drills Disarms 1 and 2

    • GFM09-08 Headlocks

    • GFM09-09 Chokes

  • 11

    Thank You

    • GFM09-10 Course Outro

Your Instructor

Gordon Burcham

Gordon Burcham is a 5th Dan, 3 x World kickboxing Champion and Number 1 Best Selling Author.

Gordon's true passion is helping people. He has taught 1000's of students over the last 20 years and has created many UK, European & World champions.

This website was created to give martial arts instructors access to the highest quality online training to help them deliver world class lessons.

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